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We’ve simplified and organized Michigan’s sentencing guidelines

With the sentencing guidelines calculator (S.G.C.) you can manage and calculate sentences easily, access information from any device, send information to courts and clients, and more.

Easy-to-use screens

Easy to Use

With S.G.C. you can organize multiple sentences in one place, and manage them in a way that works best for you. Set your folders to active, archived or favorites to enable easy access or set them aside.

Organize all your Sentences in one place

Enter Info Once

You won’t need to enter redundant information into the calculator. Use S.G.C. to manage multiple sentences and multiple cases, or see different scenarios for each case.

Access from almost anywhere

Anywhere Access

You can access S.G.C. from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, so you can manage your information from your office, the courtroom, home, or wherever you need to.

Sentencing OVs

Integrated Resources

S.G.C integrates useful resources and makes it easy to calculate Drug Equivalency, view the Sentencing Table, and more. With three easy-to-use screens you can enter or look up the MCL, PRV, OV and HO level.

Create “Sentencing Information Report” in a PDF file to email, print or download

Email, Print, or Download PDFs

Make a PDF of any information to print for court, email to clients or colleagues, or download to backup on your own device.

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