Frequently Asked Questions


What is the source of the crime data?

The Michigan Judicial Institute’s annual Sentencing Guidelines Manual (available at

Is this information safe and secure?

All of the information you supply to the Mokasoft systems will be encrypted to and from our datacenter.  Once the information is stored in one of the Mokasoft applications in can only be accessed by the web system and only a select few of our approved technical staff.  We have specific in-house policies regarding the confidentiality of information and it’s protection.  

Who do we share data with?

We will not share/sell your login information nor Sentence information with any company or organization not directly involved in the creation or maintenance of Sentencing Guidelines Calculator and Mokasoft’s other apps.

Can I calculate the Guidelines for an offense in a previous year?

From the New Sentence screen, you can select which year’s guidelines to use for that sentence. By default, it will use the same Guideline year as the offense date, but you can change that. Not all previous years are available, we will add additional previous years if there is significant demand for them.

How often is the guideline information updated?

Once a year, when the Michigan Judicial Institute (MJI) releases the next year’s guidelines, we will make them available soon after. We will have them available before January 1st of the calendar year for which they are effective.

Do you have other products that could help me?

Yes, we also have a Judgment Interest Calculator which can be used to calculate the Post-Judgment interest specifically in the State of Michigan.

Is the Sentencing Information Report, created by this app, accepted by courts?

The Sentencing Information Report created by the Sentencing Guidelines Calculator includes all useful and necessary information with regards to the particular sentence. We have not heard of any court which has had a problem with the report for any reason.

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